Backup and Disaster Recovery really do need to be taken seriously. Losing files or emails can have disastrous consequences and often it is a legal requirement to ensure you do not lose any data.

Questions business owners and senior management need to know the answer to:

  1. How are your emails backed up?
    1. Can you restore an email from a week ago?
    2. Do you keep contracts and agreements in your inbox only?
    3. Is restorable data available offsite?
  2. How is your data backed up?
    1. Can you restore a file from yesterday or last week that was accidently deleted
    2. Is it backed up offsite?
  3. How is your actual server backed up?
    1. How do you restore your server?
    2. How long will it take?
    3. Is the data offsite?
    4. Can you source replacement hardware quickly?
    5. Will your business survive this kind of outage?
  4. Do you have a business recovery plan in place – non-IT related?
    1. can you staff work remotely?
    2. if you can not access your office, where will your staff go?

We have vast experience with implementing solutions to protect your business. Affordable, cost-effective and realistic.

ARCServe managed backup service starts from £19 per month per server (+VAT)

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