We do a lot of hardware upgrades for our clients to increase the life of their laptop or PC. It saves them money from having to buy a new computer when for a small investment they can get another 2 or 3 years out their current machine.

This includes memory upgrades and migrating to an SSD drive which are 10 times quicker than standard hard drives. SSD’s are a no brainer. the cost has dropped making them affordable and the superior performance is not something to be overlooked. It is the biggest performance gain you can benefit from on a computer.

Often we will install an SSD drive into new computers. If you are buying a new machine, it makes sense to upgrade it straight away and get it working significantly quicker and more reliably from the off. Additionally, when using an SSD in a laptop, the drive has no moving parts so uses less power, there is no heat build up and so the battery runs even longer than it would normally.

On older desktop computers we can even upgrade the processor which gives it a new lease of life and means you don’t have to dig deep for a whole new machine and the hassle of moving all your documents, pictures, programs and email over.

For our managed clients, we run monthly reports which shows the performance of each workstation / laptop and the servers so we can plan and budget in upgrades as and when we can see performance degrading. Contact us for more info.