These tips & tricks will give you general guidance on managing your PC and Network. If you can’t solve a problem using these hints. the issue may be more complicated

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Computer Tips & Tricks

1. Blue Screen of Death

Turn of the PC/Server by holding the power button, Switch Back on, if you still have a Blue Screen then phone for support

2. PC Won’t turn on

Unplug all power cables, wait a short while then plug back in and try again

3. Machine is Slow and Freezing

Shutdown machine, leave off for 1 minute, then power back on

4. Your Anti-Virus Protection

Have you checked / do you know when you anti-virus expires ?

5. Have you installed windows updates

Viruses exploit holes in Microsoft windows which Microsoft fix by issuing patches via windows updates

6. Anti – Virus Anti-Spam Provider

If your email goes through an external anti-virus / anti-spam provider, for example Trend Micro or Messagelabs, spam and viruses are stopped before they get to your network, This is a much safer environment.

7. Why Worry about Viruses

Viruses act in different ways depending on their objective, they can disable your anti-virus, stop programs working, send private information to the anti virus writer, send itanti-virusl the contacts in your address book or send you to undesirable websites that could infect your PC further and steal sensitive information, they can also schedule an attack with thousands of other machines to single websites or business and cause massive disruption, loss of revenue and much more importantly , criminal investigation

8. What to do if you discover a Virus

Run a full virus scan using your anti virus program, make sure it successfully cleans or deletes any viruses it finds, if unsure please call us

9. Regular PC Cleaning

Spyware tracks websites you visit and then displays adverts on your PC or Computer, it thinks are relevant, Regular scanning cleans you PC from these intrusive bits of code

10. Back Up Data

Do you have a back up drive with all your documents and family photos ? is the music you have purchased backed up ? have you backed up your email ? how important is this to you ? did you know it is FREE to back up to the Cloud ?